Usefull (fi)sh commands

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Usefull (fi)sh commands

This are some usefull shell commands using the fish syntax.

Delete all subfolders with name M_out

# First check the results by lsing the found dirs
find . -name M_out -exec ls '{}' \;
# Then deleting it
find . -name M_out -exec rm -rf '{}' \;

Delete all files in (sub)folder(s) with name pose.pkl

find . -name pose.pkl -exec rm '{}' \;

Batch resize images

find . -iname "IMG_*.jpg" -exec convert '{}' -verbose -resize 1920x1440 '{}' \;

Video to images

ffmpeg -i HAD_20180418_113753_SVCam_right_compressed.m4v -r 30 scenes/waving_full_720p/image_%5d.jpg

Images to video

ffmpeg -framerate 24 -pattern_type glob -i '*.png' -c:v libx264 -profile:v high -crf 20 -pix_fmt yuv420p -vf scale=1024x768 output.mp4 

List all VS Code extensions

code --list-extensions | xargs -L 1 echo code --install-extension

List all disks with UUID

ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid